These activity kits will inspire students to express their creativity through a doodle. Students will be encouraged to explore the world around them, consider what the future could be like, and even learn how to code a doodle with a special lesson plan and game.

To help teachers or organization leaders pick the best activity for their students, the kits are broken up into four grade groups along with a special Coding a Doodle lesson plan. Parents can try these at home, too.

Lesson Plans

Creative Inspiration

Warmup your student's creative muscles and imagination and kickoff your doodle session with these short videos and exercises.

Video #1: Imagine

Imagine is intended to help inspire creative thinking in your students. Imagine focuses on the first stage of the process, where students will generate ideas, ask questions and imagine what could be rather than what is.

Video #2: Create

As students embark on the Doodle 4 Google journey they will begin to express their ideas through drawing, painting, and more. Create introduces strategies to help students put their creativity into action.

Video #3: Share and Collaborate

In the third stage of the creative process, students are encouraged to explain their artwork and provide constructive feedback on the creations of others. Students will see how sharing and collaborating can help them refine their vision and make their doodles the best they can be.